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Why Install PRVC Hospital Curtains & Tracks

  1. Patented hook system provides fast and easy release of curtains

  2. Non ceiling mounted track system makes tracks a uniform lower height

  3. Change curtains quickly and easily without the need for ladders

  4. Allows patient lift systems to travel without obstruction between patient bays

  5. Total privacy shower curtains and bathroom door curtain systems

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Hospital Cubicle Curtain Systems Made Simple - The Way They Should Be!

Privacy Curtains & Tracks Manufactured in the United States

Our curtains come in different fabrics and styles, and are uniformed length. This combined with the lower curtain track ensures that each cubicle curtain in the perfect length and fit. Simple to change from the floor, no ladders needed!

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Patient Lift Gate System

Solutions for cubicle and shower curtains, patient-lift cubicle and shower curtain conflict solutions, Infectious control management solutions. Suited to all medical patient lift systems. 

Hospital privacy curtain door gate system.jpg

Door Surround Systems

Door surround systems are a unique, high quality & cost effective alternative to traditional raised panel tracks. Reduces installation costs while improving flexibility and durability.

Patient Bed Hospital Curtain Systems.jpg

Patient Bed Systems

The Patient Bed System can be placed around a bed or beds using a U-shaped or L-shaped design. Creating a barrier between patients, providing them with privacy, dignity, & security.

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Common Area Systems

Track system can be used in areas such as Phlebotomy, Pre-Op, Post-Op, Emergency. Common area hospital curtains can be used in common areas to separate patients in privacy.

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No Ladders Needed

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Uniform Height

Hospital Shower Curtain and track.jpg

Perfect for Patient Lifts

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Easy Release Hooks

Watch Video

Watch our video to see how we have made hospital curtains and tracks simple, the way they should be!

Watch how patient lift systems are moved unencumbered by sprinkler systems, lighting, air conditioning, or ventilation.

See how easy it is to change our curtains from the ground, without the use of stools or ladders, utilizing our patented hospital curtain hook system.


"PRVC Systems are guided by the need for patient privacy"

PRVC Systems offers solutions for cubicle and hospital shower curtains, patient-lift conflicts and infectious control management solutions. All products are manufactured in the USA.

Located in Wilmette Illinois just outside Chicago we manufacture in the USA. 

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For The Best Quality Privacy Curtain Systems

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Providing Exceptional Quality Privacy Curtains

PRVC Systems cubicle curtains offers a patented hook system and technology to allow curtains to slide silently along the patented tracks. The curtains can be exchanged in less than one minute without the use of a ladder.

Launder Cycle Alert Stickers Provided

Wall Mounted Curtain Track System

Vertical Mount and Privacy Curtain Gate System

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cubicle door curtain.jpg

Cubicle Door Curtain System for Total Privacy

Cubicle curtain systems to ensure total patient privacy for doorways, bathrooms, toilets. Our gate system privacy curtains and tracks for hospital bays ensure that the demands for patient privacy in the 21st century are met.

Bathroom Privacy Curtains

On Ward Toilet Privacy Curtain Systems

Privacy Curtains to Cover Any Doorway

Fast Release Tracks (Gate) For Patient Lifts

Hospital Bathroom Curtains

Hospital patients deserve total privacy, where beds are close to toilets' and bathrooms our privacy curtains are designed to swing open for the patient to walk to or be helped to the toilet. This also enables patient lift systems access.

Bathroom curtain rail is hinged

Patient lift system has total access to the toilet

The swing gate is then closed, and the curtain will then ensure total patient privacy

Hospital Bathroom Curtain.jpg
cubicle door curtain.jpg

Hospital Shower Curtains

We believe that our hospital shower curtains are the most flexible, most adaptable and easiest to use medical shower curtains available in The United States today.

No other hospital shower curtain has the swing gate system shown, nor do they have the simple to change hospital shower curtains that are available from PRVC Systems.

Swing Gate Hospital Shower Curtain Track

Patient Lift System Can Enter Without Obstruction

Range of Shower Curtains That Are Antimicrobial

Ensures Total Patient Privacy At All Times

Hospital Shower Curtains Made Simple

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