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The all-new PRVC Systems® cubicle and hospital shower curtain system is designed for easier and faster change outs. The curtain will not bind on the track over time and you will find that these curtains are quieter than the traditional grommeted curtains found on the market.


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Tone-on-Tone Cubicle Curtain Fabric

Tone-on-Tone's design enhances interior aesthetics while providing essential privacy. Durable and easy to maintain, Tone-on-Tone fabrics are a practical choice, especially in healthcare and clinical settings.


Treated for flame resistance and incorporates anti-microbial properties, making them not only visually pleasing but also safe and hygienic. Please call for samples or if you have any questions about fabric specifications for a particular project.

Cubicle Curtains: Health-Conscious Privacy Curtain Solutions

Beyond our innovative customer first approach, PRVC Systems continues to be a standout provider of hospital cubicle curtains and shower curtains sourced from a carefully curated selection of esteemed fabric mills. Adhering to the rigorous NFPA 701 fire retardant certifications, our well constructed cubicle curtains provide not only aesthetic appeal but also peace of mind in terms of safety across diverse medical facility settings.


With an extensive list of options, adherence to strict certifications, and a focus on pioneering features, PRVC Systems firmly maintains its position as the premier choice for hospitals, clinics, and those seeking reliable, secure, and health-conscious solutions in hospital cubicle, shower curtains, and privacy curtains.

Our emphasis on hygiene remains paramount, exemplified by the advanced antimicrobial protection featured in our curtain offerings, further supporting the health and well-being of facility occupants. Our holistic approach to designing privacy curtains and general cubicle curtains reflects our commitment to contributing positively to the healthcare environment and consideration of patient experiences.

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