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Cubicle Curtain Track Systems

Common Areas System

Patient Bed System

Door Surround System

Cubicle Track Systems

Swing Arm System

Gate System

Trolley System

Patient-Lift Cubicle Curtain Conflict Systems

Cubicle Curtain Systems

Door Surround Systems

The Door Surround Systems are a unique, high quality and cost effective alternative to traditional raised panel tracks. The Door Surround reduces installation costs while improving flexibility and durability. This product offers privacy similar to conventional ceiling mounted tracks, with additional benefits such as allowing the tracks to be installed without concern for ceiling lights, fire sprinklers and A/C vents.

Patient Bed Systems

The Patient Bed System can be placed around a bed or beds using a U-shaped or L-shaped design.These curtains serve as a barrier between patients, providing them with privacy, dignity, and security while they are undergoing medical procedures. They are also used to divide hospital rooms into separate sections, creating a more efficient and organized environment. Because the tracks are not ceiling mounted, the tracks and curtains can be placed to offer greatest privacy and function.

Common Area Systems

PRVC track system can be used in areas such as Phlebotomy, Pre-Op, Post-Op, Emergency. The PRVC Common Area Systems are hospital curtains that can be used in common areas of the hospital to separate patients and give them privacy. The track allows for quick setup, removal, and reconfiguration of the curtains as needed. The durable fabric is a good match for any hospital environment where cleaning may be needed frequently. PRVC disposable curtains is a great option for facilities with high patient turnover.