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hospital cubicle curtains


PRVC Systems offers a number of accessories for cubicle and shower curtains, patient-lift cubicle and shower curtain conflict solutions. All PRVC System’s accessories are manufactured in the USA

launder cycle alert sticker

Launder Cycle Alert Sticker

Track cubicle curtain cleaning frequency

Visual notification at 30, 60 and 90 day

Removable and water-resistant

Adheres to all curtain fabrics

Launder Cycle Alert

PRVC Wall Mount

Connects track to wall surfaces

Side View Wall Mount.webp
curtain rod wall mount
ceiling mount curtain rod

PRVC Vertical Mount

Attaches vertical track to ceiling

PRVC End Cap

Used for track termination

Untitled design (1)_edited.png
Wall Mount
Vertical Mount

PRVC Swing Arm Catch

Links swing arm to walls


Replacement PRVC Hooks

Purchase in cases of 100 hooks

Side Hook_edited.webp
hospital cubicle curtains

PRVC Systems is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of hospital curtains throughout the United States.


Cubicle curtains that are manufactured in the United States. Patented wall mounted hospital curtain track systems that make it safe and easy for both maintenance staff and clinicians to use.

We are innovative in our approach to hospital privacy curtain design and manufacture producing medical curtains for all clinical applications. Antimicrobial medical curtains and cubicle curtain track that are compatible with all patient lift systems ensuring patient privacy at all times.

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