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Cubicle Curtain Accessories

This is your one-stop solution for PRVC cubicle and shower systems accessories. We offer a wide array of hardware items to upgrade your healthcare facility.

Our curtain tracks and hardware are designed for smooth operation, ensuring the efficient installation and use of curtains in your facility. We also provide innovative solutions to minimize conflicts between patient lifts and curtains. With a variety of lengths, sizes, styles, and colors available, you can easily find the perfect configuration to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.


Most of our accessories, cubicle, curtain track, and hardware items are proudly manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing high-quality products that align with our commitment to excellence. PRVC Systems is your trusted partner for enhancing patient privacy and hygiene in healthcare settings.

Adheres to all curtain fabrics

Removable and water-resistant

Visual notification at 30, 60 and 90 day

Track cubicle curtain cleaning frequency

Launder Cycle Alert Sticker

PRVC Hospital Curtain Wall Ceiling Mount

Connects track to wall surfaces and ceiling


Attaches vertical track to ceiling

PRVC Hospital Curtain

Vertical Mount

PRVC Hospital Curtain End Cap

Used for track termination

PRVC Hospital Curtain Hooks

Replacement PRVC Hooks

Links swing arm to walls

PRVC Hospital Curtain
Swing Arm Catch

PRVC Systems stands as a trusted and reputable manufacturer and distributor of hospital curtain and curtain track hardware, serving healthcare facilities across the United States. One of our key offerings is to provide a wide range of medical curtains, proudly manufactured in the United States.


We understand the importance of maintaining high standards in healthcare settings, which is why we ensure that our curtains and curtain track suspension hardware meet strict quality criteria, allowing us to contribute to a clean and hygienic environment for both patients and healthcare professionals included.

We take pride in the hassle-free installation of our patented wall-mounted hospital curtain track systems, a testament to our commitment to safety and user-friendliness for any type of configuration or project. These curtain track systems are designed with the convenience of maintenance staff and clinicians in mind, ensuring smooth and efficient operation and installation, which is crucial in a fast-paced healthcare environment.

Our approach to hospital privacy and cubicle track design and manufacturing is truly innovative as we offer an extensive selection of medical curtains tailored to various clinical applications. From antimicrobial medical curtains to versatile cubicle curtain tracks, our products are engineered to work seamlessly with all patient lift systems. This integration guarantees that patient privacy is upheld at all times, while healthcare providers can efficiently attend to the needs of their patients.


At PRVC Systems, we prioritize excellence in every aspect of our operations, from product design to manufacturing and distribution. Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions at a fair price has established us as a trusted name in the healthcare industry.

To enhance an existing system and improve the facilities overall healthcare environment, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of hospital cubicle and shower curtain accessories.


The all-new PRVC Systems® cubicle and hospital shower curtain system is designed for easier and faster change outs. The curtain will not bind on the track over time and you will find that these curtains are quieter than the traditional grommeted curtains found on the market.


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