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Privacy Curtains for Hospitals Dealing with Patient Lift Conflicts

Patient privacy is a principal concern for healthcare facilities. PRVC Systems hospital cubicle curtains provide solutions that solve cubicle curtain and patient lift conflicts in hospitals and healthcare facilities, that are well suited to patient lift systems such as Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems.

With our unique privacy curtains for hospitals, this is accomplished by using our patented products that are manufactured using non-ceiling mounted cubicle track for all of our cubical curtains.

Hospital Cubicle Curtain Tracks Gate System for Patient Privacy

The PRVC Systems gate system is just one of multiple solutions that accommodates the increasing need for privacy in single and multi-bed patient rooms, common areas and bathrooms.

This new solution replaces the old, inefficient ceiling mounted medical cubicle curtain track systems; our new cubical curtain track gate systems specifically address the conflicts with linear patient lift systems such as Horcher Barrier Free Lifts Uni lift Pro patient lifts.

Our cubicle curtain track gate allows the patient lift to travel unencumbered around the room, as it was initially designed to do ensuring that our ER curtain or medical cubicle curtains ensure total privacy in every patient lift scenario.

This cubicle curtain gate works successfully and efficiently in two three or four bed patient rooms, it is also suited to hospital showers and bathroom needs.

Medical Curtains For any Clinical Purpose Ensuring Total Privacy

In addition, our medical curtains and track gate system will also work in clinical settings and multi-bay areas. The system will provide 100% privacy for both the patient being moved as well as other occupants, no other medical cubicle curtain achieves this level of patient privacy.

Because the gate system is not ceiling mounted, traditional concerns that ceiling mounted track can cause a medical facility with placement of track in respect to blocking obstacles such as fire sprinkler systems, light fixtures and air conditioning vents are no longer an issue.

Hospital Privacy Curtains That are Easy to Change & Maintain

With our privacy curtains the accessibility of the curtain track is especially helpful, when medical curtains need to be changed or routinely replaced, our curtains can be changed without ever needing a step or ladder.

When changing our privacy curtains for hospitals and clinical facilities, staff can simply remove the curtain from the patented hook system directly from the floor.

This is because our cubicle curtains are not ceiling mounted and are therefore lower and easier to reach than traditional hospital cubicle curtains that are ceiling mounted and difficult to reach.

This type of medical curtain track system creates less hassle and increases safety, our er curtains and cubicle curtains not only come in different fabrics and styles, but also come in a uniform length, so changing out our hospital curtains is easier and more cost effective.

The fact that our medical curtains come in this uniform length, combined with out lower cubicle curtain track system, ensures that whatever medical or clinical use you can be sure that each curtain is the perfect length and fit, all while looking sleek and cutting annual costs of shopping for various cubicle curtain sizes.

The cubicle curtain track hook system itself can profoundly impact the day-to-day operations of medical staff, with its notable ease of pulling and moving our hospital curtain aside.

Hospital Curtain Track System Manufactured in The United States

Manufactured in the United States, PRVC Systems offers a number of medical privacy curtain systems and accessories that effortlessly integrate into patient rooms, common areas and bathrooms, enabling patient lift systems and medical cubicle curtains to finally work together seamlessly.

Patient lift conflicts with hospital curtain tracks has been an issue for many clinical facilities for many years now. Our patient lift friendly hospital cubicle curtain tracks work efficiently with many patient lifts such as Arjo Patient Lifts found at

In fact, our hospital privacy curtains and non-ceiling mounted hospital curtain track systems are ideal in situ and for any patient lift systems listed below.

Cubicle Curtain Track Systems Compatible With The Following Patient Lift Systems

  • Human Care Patient lifting solutions found at

  • Horcher Barrier Free Lifts

  • Handicare Ceiling Lifts

  • Guldmann Ceiling Lift Systems

  • Surehands Lift & Care

  • Vancare Patient Lifts

  • Amico Safe Patient Handling Ceiling Lifts

  • Ezlifts Ceiling Lift Solutions

  • Liko Ceiling Lifts by Liko

Hospital curtain track from PRVC Systems is non ceiling mounted, our cubicle curtain track is mounted on the walls of the medical facility, this makes it easier for medical staff to change curtains because our hospital curtain track system is low and accessible to most personnel without needing a stepladder.

Hospital curtains and tracks from PRVC Systems are the most flexible medical curtain track available today, all come in a uniform length making replacing curtains simple and fast, PRVC Systems the most adaptive medical curtain track system with flexible wall mounted hospital curtain track.

Privacy curtains for medical use by PRVC Systems ensure complete patient privacy for any situation where the use of medical curtains is required. Our hospital bed curtains will provide ease of use and total patient privacy in all clinical environments.

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The all-new PRVC Systems® cubicle and hospital shower curtain system is designed for easier and faster change outs. The curtain will not bind on the track over time and you will find that these curtains are quieter than the traditional grommeted curtains found on the market.


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