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Hospital Curtain Tracks

Hospital cubical curtains are a way to provide a little privacy in a crazy world. Privacy has become a luxury today as surveillance technologies have become more sophisticated. The data collected from various sources such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, social media platforms, and mobile phones have made it difficult for people to maintain their privacy in public spaces or online. However, we all want and need a little privacy regarding hospital stays.

Finding the Right Hospital Cubical Curtains

When it comes to privacy curtains for medical facilities, you must take some time to study what will work for your location.

Health care providers do not have time to wrestle with a privacy curtain. That's why it is important to find one that simply works. This means that it won't get stuck in its track. You want sound sturdy tracks that won't fall. These curtains are often opened and closed quickly, with little consideration given to gentle care to extend the track's life.

Most of the time medical personnel are more concerned about the life they are caring for. This means that these systems will endure a brutal environment in which they will need to stand out and perform. That's why we make a durable product. Our hospital curtain tracks can withstand the pressure.

Our hospital curtain is a ceiling-mounted track that drops below the ceiling. It can be bent and spliced together to form a variety of designs for blocking off various types of regions. This track is designed to accommodate practically any fabric.

We offer different fabric options, such as tone-on-tone cubical curtain fabric, shower curtains, designer cubical curtains, and more. All of our curtains will meet the NFPA 701 fire retardant certifications. You can take a look at our online selection of fabric options.

Benefits of PRVC Hospital Curtain Tracks

What makes PRVC systems better than traditional ceiling-mounted systems? One huge selling factor is that the curtains are not as high up as they are in some systems. This allows for them to be easily changed out and managed without compromising privacy.

However, they also have other benefits, such as using the system while utilizing specific patient moving systems. There is a hinged gate found within the system. This will allow the gate to open up and the trolley to enter. This allows for complete privacy while a patient is being moved and keeps the curtain out of the way.

These tracks are also perfect for covering the doorways going into the room too! Of course, there are typical patient-bed hospital cubical curtains. You can also find common area systems. These can all be utilized to give people the privacy they need during their hospital stay

The Complete Guide to Hospital Privacy Curtains

Hospital cubical curtains are a great way to ensure that patients have a little dignity and privacy during their stay in the hospital. These curtains can be used to protect the patient from nosy visitors. They also provide some semblance of privacy when they need to change or use the bathroom.

Many different types of hospital privacy curtains are available on the market today. That is why knowing what you need before making a purchase is essential. Should you have some questions, reach out! One of our team members would be happy to assist. We take our time to understand what you are trying to do with our hospital cubical curtains. This allows us to help you make a more informed decision.

Privacy curtains come in many different styles, colors, patterns, and materials. It is important for hospitals to know what type of curtain they want before purchasing one. If you are not sure, ask! We are always happy to help!

Other Businesses that Could Benefit from our Hospital Cubical Curtains

While we talk a lot about these hospital curtain tracks for only hospitals, they are also perfect for other businesses as well. These could be used for dressing rooms or as shower curtains in gyms or other facilities. They are meant to give a person privacy from viewing. They are also ideal for roommate situations or hostels where privacy is wanted. Essentially anywhere you need to have a bit of privacy, PRVC Systems can help.

Provides Maximum Flexibility

Hospitals are undoubtedly busy places, yet patients must have space and privacy while being evaluated. Curtains also act as a barrier between an uninfected individual and a sick one sitting next to them. This is why adjustable hospital curtain tracks are required to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our medical facilities. PRVC Systems are extremely adaptable to the needs of the places where the hospital curtain tracks will be put.

Our products improve patient and employee safety while lowering the dangerous spread of diseases in confined spaces. We provide a complete package for your healthcare facility or business. We have everything from high-quality hospital curtain tracks, hardware, and parts to the actual curtains required for these rooms.

To get the best patient results, hospital rooms must be safe and comfortable for patients. Many hospital settings are designed with shared rooms, and patients demand privacy as well as protection from hospital-acquired infections. PRVC Systems is the premier hospital curtain tracks and hardware provider to meet these specific requirements. Our products are simple to install, adaptable, long-lasting, inexpensive, and, most importantly, dependable.

PRVC systems have been designed to be flexible and easy to install. Call today 847-725-0665 and let us help you find a system that will work for you. Let our experts help you navigate the different systems and options to give you the best hospital cubical curtains for your application.

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The all-new PRVC Systems® cubicle and hospital shower curtain system is designed for easier and faster change outs. The curtain will not bind on the track over time and you will find that these curtains are quieter than the traditional grommeted curtains found on the market.


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