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We have the solution to all your clinical cubicle curtain needs

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Change curtains without a ladder

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Integrates with all patient lift systems

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Uniform curtain size throughout facility

Whether around a Door, surrounding a patient’s bed or a complicated Patient Lift cubicle curtain conflict, we have the system that will solve your needs.

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Our Hospital Curtains are Installed In Many Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies & Surgeries In the USA. PRVC Systems produce the easiest to use and easiest to maintain hospital curtain systems available in the USA today!

Hospital Privacy Curtains & Curtain Track

Hospital Curtains - Hospital Curtain Track System

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Cubicle Curtain Track Solutions

PRVC Systems offers solutions for cubicle and shower curtains, patient-lift cubicle and shower curtain conflict solutions, Infectious control management solutions. All PRVC products are manufactured in the USA.

Cubicle Curtain Systems - Patient-Lift Cubicle Curtain Systems - Shower/Bathroom Curtain Systems

Hospital Cubicle Curtain Fabrics

PRVC Systems offers cubicle and shower curtains from all the fabric mills. All our curtains meet NFPA 701 fire retardant certifications and most offer antimicrobial protection. If additional information is needed please contact Customer Service or call 847-725-0665.

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Designer Cubicle Curtain Fabric - Tone-on-Tone Cubicle Curtain Fabric - Shower Curtain (Polyester Fabric) - Shower Curtain (Vinyl)

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PRVC Systems offers a number of accessories for cubicle and shower curtains, patient-lift cubicle and shower curtain conflict solutions, Infectious control management solutions. All PRVC System’s accessories are manufactured in the USA.

Medical Curtains & Patented Hospital Curtain Track System from PRVC Systems

Clinical hygiene has never been more important. Keeping hospital rooms and surgeries clean and hygienic is a major factor in helping to prevent infections in healthcare facilities.


Our hospital curtains and track systems are the easiest to install, maintain and are made from materials that are hygienically proven to help reduce the spread of infections.


Our cubicle curtain solutions have been developed with passion, from our patented wall mount curtain track system to our easy to change clinical curtains.


PRVC Systems has designed each product to be easily changed without the need of a ladder.


Innovation in cubicle curtains and patient lift systems design, making hospital curtain systems easy to maintain and easy for clinical staff to move and maintain.


Our systems make it safe for clinicians yet practical. PRVC Systems provide beautiful curtains and cubicle track systems that provide a solution to all options for clinical privacy curtain applications including patient lift systems.

PRVC Systems is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of hospital curtains throughout the United States.


Cubicle curtains that are manufactured in the United States. Patented wall mounted hospital curtain track systems that make it safe and easy for both maintenance staff and clinicians to use.

We are innovative in our approach to hospital privacy curtain design and manufacture producing medical curtains for all clinical applications. Antimicrobial medical curtains and cubicle curtain track that are compatible with all patient lift systems ensuring patient privacy at all times.